About Tara Bleue

Tara Bleue is an extremely gifted psychic medium who developed an interest in mediumship due to a number of unusual experiences which she had when she was a child. It seemed so amazing that she often could tell what someone was going to say even before they said also seemed a miracle and something unbelievable when she could tell who was calling when the phone rang. The fact that she was able to sense what others were thinking and feeling especially when it did not correspond with what they were saying, made it become more interesting to her and to the people around her. At the age of five, she began seeing spirits and energies. Pieces of spiritual information started to transfer to her without really learning them but they were rather taught in her visions and dreams. Gradually, Tara started to realize the destined life mission’s purpose, to help and guide others in their lives by letting people acknowledge spiritual realm’s existence and to guide them use her special gifted abilities. These include clairvoyance, gift of clear seeing; clairsentience, gift of receiving messages via feelings, emotions or physical sensation; clairaudience, gift of receiving messages without use of physical ears; Claircognizance, ability to know something without logic or clear facts and very specifically clairalience, ability to smell things outside the normal range of smell. Tara is not only a gifted psychic medium but she is also a Board Certified Reiki Master, Certified Integrated Energy Therapist and a Certified Angel Therapist. She uses her special spiritual gifts in using her god gifted supernatural abilities to help and offer guidance to people. During her reading, she does not need to use any outside sources such as cards, crystals, palm readings, astrology among others to help her accomplish the reading; she rather receives messages directly from high energy realm spirits such as Spirit Guides, Angels, God/Goddess and your deceased ones. Her reading style is fast, accurate and on point. Tara specializes in knowing how people feel internally and how they look like physically. Her most unique way to read is by text messages where clients only give their first name and she will pick their appearance, personality and things blocking them immediately. She will tell you both good and bad sides of your situation and offer resolutions on how to improve the situation and solve the problems. Her reading style is honest and straightforward. From the reading, you will always find guidance and assistance in solving your problems and also know what to do next. She will bring in healing light to your life and do guide you to the route of happiness and success. Tara hopes to help as many people as possible throughout her lifetime by use of her incredible gift. She also hopes to share her experiences of being able to connect with the spirits,  to prove the world spiritual realm does exist; and to heal people spiritually, emotionally, and physically.