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Loving Guidances from Spirit World



 Life Reading'

~Feeling Lost?
Tara is here to bring you clarity~

Tara will use her gifted supernatural abilities to help you with the problems you are encountering. She will connect to the spirit guides, ascended masters, and angels & guide you to a clear direction in life. During a life reading session, I am able to receive informations based on any questions you have at this time in your life, and offer you solutions/avices that help you move foward successfully. Life reading covers career, love, family, and much more,  



Spiritual Communication
~Wanting to Connect Someone?
Tara is here to bring you messages~
Tara will uses all her gifted abilities: clairvoyant, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairscent, and claircognizance to help you connect your passed loved one and bring forward their messages to you. During this session, I will connect with anyone, in spirit, that is around you. Different spirits might around you everyday and you might want to know what they want to tell you. It's important you keep an open mind and allow spirits to come forward.

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